Culture+Hiking Trip to Znojmo/Zneim

We went to Znojmo/Zneim in Czech Republic. I wanted to visit some castles so I learned that there is bus going to Vranov castle. This was a great trip with a combination of hiking and sightseeing. I knew that not so many people would join because there is just a train at 7 and one at 11 so we took the one at 7…

Ticket used: Euregio Ticket Vienna-Zneim 20 Euro


  • Vranov castle
  • Thaya river and valley
  • Vranov barrier lake
  • Eating fish and swimming at the beach
  • Znojmo old town

We arrived with the train in Znojmo/Zneim.

Znojmo from train with Thaya river

First thing we did is to get some Czech money from the money teller machine.

Changing money

We took the bus to go to Vranov castle. It is not very near but a nice ride. The public transport is used there more than in Austria. So it was not difficult to find the busses they went more or less regularly. But I checked the times before so that we don’t loose too much time because we had a big program.

Vranov nad Dyjí

The castle is right over the town. To go there we first turned right, went over a bridge and then there was a path taking an easy bend to the castle. Going direct would mean climbing.

Vranov castle
Vranov castle

The castle is stunning with a chapel and the main building. The chapel was closed but we took a tour which was not expensive. The tour is in Czech but they hand out translations with way too much text 😉 They have put a lot of more ore less cheap and corny stuff inside the castle.

After visiting the castle I wanted to stick to my program and go to the lake. It was extremely hot 🙂 We did not take the main road but some road directly to the foot of the dam. The houses there were not in good shape. Before the dam we went up. I think there must be a better way to go there (some kind of hiking path)…


The barrier is big and interesting and right after the barrier there was a restaurant directly above the water. We ate some fish. It was good but I think the fish would have needed more time in the pan…

Eating fresh fish

The menue was also in German. Somebody later in the bus back told me that there is a better restaurant near the beach but I don’t know if it would have had opened.

We went to a beach crossing a nice bridge. It is a very interesting and big lake with many small houses you can see from the bridge. At the beach there is big camping ground. There are also some hiking routes starting before the bridge. The Thaya valley is also great for bicycle.

I did some swimming it was nice. I also had planned to go with the boat but we did not want to miss the bus and the train back. We went back over the dam. There was a direct bus leaving at a nearby parking lot.

City hall tower

We ate some ice cream in front of the city hall tower. Unfortunately the tower was (already) closed and it was not possible to go up which I had planned. Also there were almost no people in the streets so Sunday evening does not seem to be the time when there are people there… it was kind of strange for me knowing other cities which are totally different.

Well it was a nice day with many different impressions and things we did. Also thanks to Mariana who helped with the planning and doing the trip… she can speak the Czech language. She was to the city already shortly before our trip and showed us around.

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