Canoe trip in Stockerau

This was the best trip of 2014 for all participants I think and something to remember. We went canoeing in the Stockerauer Auen (wetlands). It was a big adventure and also from my side I took a risk to do this with so many people but the people were very trustful and also cleaned the boats afterwards as I told them… 🙂 This is one of the best things you can do I think…

Participants: 11
Ticket used: Einfach-Raus-Ticket (35 Euro for up to 5 people)
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  • Stockerau wetlands
  • Canadian style canoes
  • Falling into the water
  • Destroying phones 😉
  • Loosing glasses in deep mud 😉
  • Destroying camera 😉

Note: On this map the last part is a straight line because I turned of my phone because of the experience other people had with putting it into the water 😉

Sattelite Image
Sattelite Image

We started at the boat house. It is possible to walk there from Stockerau. I went there the day before to get the key and get instructions. So this was kind of a work but it was worth it. We basically had all canoes available we were lucky. 🙂

I had given some instructions how to use the canoe but some did not hear so they fell into the water immediately. Actually it was not really their fault because one canoe was not stable. I did not believe it and fell into the water later myself.

Well I also have given instructions not to carry the phone or camera… but it is everyones decision. We had some waterproof bags but you need to know how to close them and if you carry the camera to take pictures it can still happen. 🙂 I also took an older compact camera but when I fell into the water it was destroyed… at least the memory card was fine so I can present some pictures here :)) It was veeery big adventure.

Sometimes it was necessary to carry the canoe, i.e. when there was wood in the water or when there was a dam which we had to pass. Going through the dam with the canoe is not good in this area – at other areas or rivers with bigger passages it is possible, but only when going downstream and with a good instructor (you have to lean back and stay straight). We went upstream first – this area was recommended. The other direction would have led us to the danube river.

Carrying the canoes around some stuff in the water

After this place one of us lost his glasses when trying to help his girlfriend he fell (without the canoe) 😉 We waited for them and then returned to help them. I tried to find the glasses but it was impossible it was deep in the mud and also the water was muddy.


We arrived at another dam and decided to go back from there… we were faster going back because it was downstream. An older guy did some quick turns and artistic stuff with his canoe. This was a sight to be seen!

Well what do I have to say. It was a great day and awesome adventure. When going back I took the shaky canoe and fell into the water because I did shift my weight too much when putting the paddle into the water. The other person also fell into the water but we noticed that the water is not so cold. But my camera was wet… so this was revenge for saying that it is not the canoe… (in my panic I first also thought that the key to the boat house went into the mud… but luckily I put it into the waterproof sack hehehehe)

Great stuff but also some preparation work – I want to repeat maybe in Hungary or Slovakia I want to research some spots… 🙂

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