Bike Trip Marchegg – Devin – Bratislava – Schlosshof

Going to Bratislava from Vienna is a nice tour but I think no matter if you go along the Danube or along the Marchfeldkanal it is a little bit boring. I found a nice round tour starting in Marchegg/Austria and going to Bratislava. We did not do the full tour but finished in Hainburg.

Route MarcheggLength: 42,52km
Participants: 8
Ticket used: Einfach-Raus-Fahrrad-Ticket (44 Euro for up to 5 people)
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  • Schlosshof (castle)
  • Bicycle bridge “freedom” from Austria to Slovakia
  • Devin castle
  • Bratislava old town
  • U.F.O.
  • Hainburg old town and danube

Description of the tour in German:,schlosshof-devin-bratislava-hainburg/

Starting at Marchegg train station we soon arrived at Schlosshof castle. We decided not to pay and go inside and to do it afterwards when we still have time (we did not know yet that we would not return and finish in Hainburg).

After the castle we went through some nice small forest and continued on the road to the Bicycle bridge over the Morawa river and to Slovakia.

The road now continued along the Morawa river to the Devin castle where the river joins the Danube river. There we made a lunch break. Kofola is an original and cheap Slovak drink – tastes a little bit different than Cola.

Approaching Devin Castle
Drinking Kofola

We continued on the bike path which goes to the back of the castle.

Devin Castle

The bicycle path along the danube is very nice. But before there is a part which is on the road which is not so nice… but at least it is possible to drive there very fast. So what happened that our group got split. I said we should meet at the next bridge but there was some misunderstanding and at the next bridge there was no one. I did not know if the people took the same route and were in front of me or behind me 😉 But then we continued and found the other people waiting at the bridge in Bratislava.

Bratislava Danube Promenade
Bratislava Danube Promenade

Because some people wanted to also visit the Bratislava city center we went there and had some ice cream.

Eating or loosing ice cream in Bratislava Center

I wanted to go to the U.F.O. so Peter and I went there and the other people visited the old town of Bratislava.

After a break we continued on the other side of the danube river. There was a more or less strong headwind so we were not so fast. The path first follows the danube river and then goes away from it to Austria. It is nice that it has many different parts and is not the same all the time.

Hainburg Castle in the Background

Finally we arrived at Hainburg and decided not to go any further and take the next train. Some people stayed at the river and some went to visit the city center. It is to say that at the next station it was not allowed to enter with bikes so we had to go to the station after that one but it was no problem… it was not very far.

It was a very nice day I have to say… I have more ideas for doing things in Bratislava with bicycle so I will come back for sure!

View from Train Window

On the next page you can read the original invitation for this event.

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