Hike + Sightseeing + Christmas in Sopron

This trip was a combination of hiking and sightseeing, i.e. hiking to the Sopron city hills first and then go to the christmas market in the city. Continue reading “Hike + Sightseeing + Christmas in Sopron”

Hike from Pressbaum to Rodaun (“Three-Mountains”)

We hiked from Pressbaum to Rodaun on Staatsfeiertag. This day is commonly used by Austrians for outdoor fitness activities so we wanted to do something as well. It is a long hike if finished in Rodaun but shorter if finished in Kaltenleutgeben. Continue reading “Hike from Pressbaum to Rodaun (“Three-Mountains”)”

Culture+Hiking Trip to Znojmo/Zneim

We went to Znojmo/Zneim in Czech Republic. I wanted to visit some castles so I learned that there is bus going to Vranov castle. This was a great trip with a combination of hiking and sightseeing. I knew that not so many people would join because there is just a train at 7 and one at 11 so we took the one at 7… Continue reading “Culture+Hiking Trip to Znojmo/Zneim”

Hike to Mödling Husarentempel

I suggested to go to Mödling for hiking. I already had been to the side with the many ruins so I wanted to explore the other side with Husarentempel etc. We started in Mödling and ended in Gumpoldskirchen. It was a little bit extreme… or actualy really extreme… regarding the length and also because we took the Via Ferrata in the beginning. Continue reading “Hike to Mödling Husarentempel”