Bike trip to March-Thaya-Junction (Soutok)

Peter and I wanted to do a bicycle tour on Sunday. My idea was to go from Bernhardsthal to the March-Thaya Junction (Soutok) which also happens to be where 3 countries meet: Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia. Continue reading “Bike trip to March-Thaya-Junction (Soutok)”

Hike to Peilstein

I wanted to do some hiking on Sunday. There was a nice path to Peilstein from Weissenbach. (I usually go there from Maria Reisenmarkt but wanted to try this way…) If you don’t know Peilstein this is the top spot for sports climbing near Vienna. There is a nice self service restaurant on top. There is also a castle in the end (Neuhaus). Continue reading “Hike to Peilstein”

Hike Ried – Troppberg – Purkersdorf

Unfortunately I had to cancel the hike to Hainburg which was scheduled for Sunday because weather was to be very bad. But on Saturday weather was still very good. I found a nice and simple route from Ried to Troppberg and to Purkersdorf in the Viennese Woods (Wienerwald). It is cool that so many people joined even though I had announced this change on short notice. Continue reading “Hike Ried – Troppberg – Purkersdorf”

Hike + Sightseeing + Christmas in Sopron

This trip was a combination of hiking and sightseeing, i.e. hiking to the Sopron city hills first and then go to the christmas market in the city. Continue reading “Hike + Sightseeing + Christmas in Sopron”

Free ice skating open day

In Vienna there are basically three opening events for doing free ice-skating: The WEV opening week, the open day of the Vienna Capitals and the opening evening of the ice skating rink on Rathausplatz. This time we went to the opening day of the Vienna Capitals (Albert-Schultz-Eishalle). Continue reading “Free ice skating open day”