MAK Museum for Applied Arts

Going to the MAK museum is free every Tuesday evening so I organized a meeting to go there as a group. The MAK is the museum for applied arts in Vienna… so it has to be discussed if this is really art or just design 😉

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On Tuesday evening there is free entry to the MAK museum (Museum for applied arts / contemporary art). I organize an event if you want to go there as a group. Please do not register if you plan go there alone.

Let us meet at the entrance hall. You will recognize me because I will carry a small yellow book (latin dictionary).

Afterwards (of course after visiting the museum shop) we can go to the nearby CafĂŠ PrĂźckel, a very typical and very nice Viennese CafĂŠ. ~8pm I can also send you my phone number. Maybe we can be some people i.e. a group would be lots of fun…. to discuss the art etc.

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