Hiking + Geocaching in Mödling

This time I wanted to do some walking/hiking/geocaching/adventuring in Mödling on Sunday. Because forecast was good, windy but nice (was getting colder on Monday).

Participants: many
Ticket used: Group ticket city border to Mödling


  • Mödling
  • Geocaching
  • Mödlinger Augengläser
  • Schwarzer Turm
  • Pfefferbüchsel
  • Burg Liechtenstein

We started in Mödling where we found our first Cache and a second one… I don’t want to give details just try yourself. It was fun to do this in a group and still try to be in kind of stealth mode hahaha

First cache
Second cache

Our hike basically went to the right side from Mödling. This area I wanted to explore that day. I also had in mind of kind of following the sun so that we always have sun but in the end there was also shade (when we arrived at Liechtenstein castle). Because of the time of the year when there was shade it was cold.

St. Othmar

Going up to the first ruin was the hardest part of the hike. It was really short so the whole hike is not difficult.

Path to the ruins

We arrived at the Mödlinger Augengläser. This is a ruin kind of like glasses and looking through the glasses you can see Vienna 🙂

Mödlinger Augengläser

It is to say that all these ruins were built like this by some royal. So not really ruins of some real buildings 😉 The next ruin is really close.

Schwarzer Turm
Schwarzer Turm

And the next one is a little bit more far but looks more like a ruin. Well there also was a Geocache but we realized that we would have to go back (looked too late) so we were too lazy and continued.


At the big meadow we had our lunch break. We sat down on the edge to have sun as long as possible. There was also a man who did some Tai Chi. We waited until he finished and he gave as an interview. This was nice!

Meadow for lunch break

We continued and arrived at the Liechtenstein castle. By that time there was no tour and it was closed. I think it is good to return when it is open. But it is a great sight very good for pictures.

Liechtenstein Castle
Liechtenstein Castle
Liechtenstein Castle
Liechtenstein Castle
Liechtenstein Castle

We made a break there – they sold some hot wine… it was already cold and no sun anymore. So we continued soon. In Mödling we went to a typical Austrian restaurant. First I wanted to go to a special Asian one but it was not opened yet. It was a great day with many old and new friends… good memory!!!

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