Hiking + Geocaching in Mödling

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I want to do some walking/hiking/geocaching/adventuring in Mödling on Sunday. Because weather should be windy but nice (gets colder on Monday). Is there anybody interested and likes to join?

Mödling is a very nice place very near to Vienna. New meeting point: We meet at the ticket vending machines inside Hauptbahnhof (main train station, 10th district). We can buy a group ticket there if we are some people. Basically we just buy a ticket from Liesing (city border) to Mödling – not far.

About the meeting point: Please be there on time. There is a big place in front of the train station with the Bahnorama wooden tower and right inside the train station the place with lots of ticket machines (where we meet). You can go to the main station (Hauptbahnhof, former Südbahnhof) with the U1 or the S-Bahn (10th district). Maybe it is still hard to find because it is a new train station so I will also send you my phone number – but with my description we should make it. 🙂

In Mödling I would like to walk through the city and then to the forest (it has special pine trees). We can also eat a little bit (cheap) in the city or at the train station in Mödling or you bring something.

(Nice place to eat but more expensive except for the soup:

On the way we can do some geocaching. This is a lot of fun, always an adventure and a good opportunity to see things that you would normally not see. Here is a map of the treasures we can find there:
(If you are new to geocaching I can give you an introduction of course.)

Please register if you are interested to join. Please bring a headlamp if you have one (it gets dark very early) and warm clothes.1212

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