Hiking to Perchtoldsdorfer Heide + Heuriger

We did some hiking and went to the Perchtoldsdorfer Heide. This is a very nice and special steppe-like area at the border of Vienna not typically visited by tourists and visitors.

Participants: 13
Ticket used: Vienna city ticket


  • Perchtoldsdorfer Heide (meadow area)
  • Ruin
  • Kugelwiese
  • Josefswarte
  • Perchtoldsdorf Church
  • Heuriger in Perchtoldsdorf

Here are some routes I think we did a combination don’t remember exactly:

We met in Hietzing and went with the train 60 until the last stop where we met some other people. This is still in Vienna so no extra ticket was needed. We went through the town and at the parking lot we met Philipp, who is a local expert on this area and guided us and also told us about animals and plants in this area.

Philipp an expert on this area
Perchtoldsdorfer Heide

Our goal was to reach the Josefswarte. We left the path to visit some ruin.


There are some great views to Vienna and to Schneeberg.

View to Schneeberg
View to Vienna
Kammersteiner Hütte

We returned another route and came back to the Heide. Going down there is a great view to Vienna.

Pine Trees
Perchtoldsdorfer Heide

Afterwards we visited the church of Perchtoldsdorf. It seems to have some interesting style (romanic?)

Church in Perchtoldsdorf

We finished our hike in a Heuriger… some did not join for various reasons I will not talk about here 😉 Well I was proud that I found a Heuriger which has space for so many people and I did not go into the first one because they only had so much space in the smoking section (and as usual said that it is not so smoky there hahahahaha).

Heuriger in Perchtoldsdorf

It was a great hike very good for cold weather… many thanks to our guide Philipp and his insightful talks about this area!!!

On the next page you can read the original invitation for this event.

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