Opening of Wiener Eistraum

The Opening of the Eistraum is an evening where it is free to use the ice rink on Rathausplatz in Vienna before it opens regularely on the next day. I organized some event for Couchsurfing like other people did the last years and it was a lot of fun.


  • Big opening ceremony
  • Free ice skating
  • Party-Train (with lots of people!!!)
  • Curling

Below are some pictures. The party train was really crazy it really worked looots of people joined. I tried it later… maybe some day it will work again like this.

I think what is needed is some people for a starter train and then be self confident when asking other people to join. Also it needs some people that are cool enough to join, i.e. reliable (not children or youngsters). Also it is good to keep Rowdies out of the train because they want to go very fast and that destroys the train.

On the next page you can read the original invitation for this event.

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