Opening of Wiener Eistraum

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The big ice rink on Rathausplatz opens again with a big free event. You want to go there together? Then let us meet at 6.45 in front of the information office (big “I” on the map here: Please do not register if you want to go there on your own (which you can of course hehehe).

I will wear a red anorak and blue jeans. Maybe orange-black-striped hat.

+ 7pm: Usually there is a big opening ceremony we can watch
+ 7.30pm: free ice skating

My suggestions for group activities:
+ 8pm: the infamous CS party-train :-))
+ 8.30pm: break – drink/eat something
+ 9pm: Let us do some CS curling competition
+ 9.30pm: Free skating

Who is in?

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