Hike near Bratislava

This epic hike near Bratislava was the most successul one in 2014 in regards of the number of people who joined. It had many highlights… it was the first hike I put into the Vienna Hikers group and because of that it got quite a lot of attention I think.

Max. Height: 514 m
Participants: 24
Ticket used: Euregio Ticket Vienna-Bratislava (15 Euro)


  • Morawa river
  • New bicycle bridge to Austria
  • Sandberg
  • Devin castle
  • Devinska kobyla mountain
  • Military rocket base

We started at the Devinska Nova Ves train station. Well we should have because there we should meet my friend Veronika from Bratislava. But I forgot the station so we arrived in Bratislava. I asked the train conductor and told him my problem and he said it is ok we can stay in the train it will return and we do not have to pay… so ok we arrived 30 minutes late and met Veronika.

We left Devinska Nova Ves and soon arrived at the Moldawa river where we visited the bridge. We were soooo many people this was great!!!

Locks on Bridge to Freedom
Bicycle Bridge to Austria
Bicycle Bridge

We continued alongside the river on a path which is a bicycle path at the same time. Well here I made another mistake but not really because I did not know. I saw Sandberg where I wanted to go to the left but there was no connection (and also a difficult road between). I asked some people and with the help of Veronika we learned that we would have to go back. Well it is good that I decided to go back because Sandberg was maybe the biggest highlight of the tour. We went back a little bit, crossed the road, went up through some town and arrived at the foot of that sandy hill.

View from Sandberg to Devin Castle

Well I think this was already the best thing of the whole trip. We climbed up the hill, made some great photos and had a lot of fun. Also the view from the top to Devinska Nova Ves and to Devin castle was stunning. It could not get any better than that, that was the only problem.

We continued a path from Sandberg. It is a very nice path, the weather was great, not too hot. This path is not good when it is hot.

Devin Castle
Kuhschelle (Meadow Anemone)

Finally we arrived at the castle. I have been there before but went inside again. There is a small fee I don’t know if it was free that day? We decided on a meeting time but most of us joined inside the castle. I think it is good to sometimes agree on a meeting time so that people are free to do what they want. The castle has some parts which are not accessible due to renovation work but is a great place anyways esp. with nice people.

Morawa river
Macro lens
@Devin castle

Well I had on my plan to go to the Devinska Kobyla mountain (Thebener Kogel). Some people wanted to go to Bratislava because they have never been there or they had to be home earlier so we split the group. One person also already had to return but she knew the bus times and returned to Devinska Nova Ves. I joined the group to the mountain. Well it was a little bit hard for me it was hot and the path was steep. Also I did not find the right path so sometimes we went straight up.

Also in the forest we met some dog I thought it is illegal to go to the military base so I was afraid that it is some kind of hunting dog. But he was friendly and we were still not in the military area.

Golden hour on Devinska Kobyla

The rocket base is not functioning any more but there is a wall around it. The door on the other side – I have seen it on some pictures – is actually open but I learned only afterwards. First we looked for some entrance but went the wrong side and just saw the wall. Then we returned, there was a hole in the wall… the camp is great for urban exploration but you need to be careful not to get hit by some loose rock…

Military Rocket Base
Rocket Base
Military Rocket Base “Lookout Tower”

This was an awesome day. In the end we did not catch the train, esp. the other group they went to the train station but were too late. We joined again at some bus station and Veronika went with us to a nice restaurant. We took the next train. This was really an awesome day and a big adventure!

Many thanks to Anna who helped me organizing this event and to Veronika who lives in Bratislava for helping us with local transportation and showing us around in Bratislava.

On the next page you can read the original invitation for this event.

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