Hike near Bratislava

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Sunday it is very nice weather and I want to do some hiking near the border of Austria/Slovakia i.e. Bratislava. Note: I will post this in the Bratislava group as well (https://www.couchsurfing.org/n/events/sunday-hike-near-bratislava-bratislava).

BTW: please bring your passport (I am not sure right now about regulations but just in case) The ticket is 15 Euro and called Euregio Slovakia (Wien – Bratislava) and valid for the whole day including public transportation in Bratislava.

2 Meeting points (I will be at point 2):

1. 9am Hauptbahnhof

Meeting point is at the room/space with the many ticket vending machines (in the building next to Bahnorama wooden tower). This one is a little bit tricky (lots of construction going on). Plan to arrive there ahead of time. It is inside the Hauptbahnhof building. If you arrive via subway U1 you have to go through the whole building (following an arrow to track 11 or to Bahnorama), up some stairs and around the building. Go past the Information and you can enter the building. Here is a picture:
Anna will be there. I send you her number… she will wear a white jacket. The train might already be there (track 11 / REX 2512) so after you bought your tickets you can go to the train (please enter in the middle) together (or if you are late alone hehehe).

2. 9.15 Simmering:

This is easier but there is just one ticket machine, so it is also good if you are there ahead of time. You can go there with the subway U3 until the last stop. Go upstairs and again upstairs to the trains. I will be at the ticket machine (ÖBB-ticket machines next to the train tracks, not the VOR machines downstairs!). Here is a picture:


1. Arrival

+ 9.00/9.15: meeting point Hauptbahnhof/Simmering
+ 9.21am: train leaves Wien Hauptbahnhof (Steig 11)
+ 9.28am: Wien Simmering (here I enter the train)
+ 10.27am: Devinska Nova Ves

2. Hiking along morawa river

+ visit new bycicle bridge to Austria
+ geological museum
+ visit Sandberg
+ ca. 1pm: visit Devin Castle

lunch break / picnic (bring your own food but at least drinks are cheap below the castle)

+ Devinska kobyla mountain
+ -> investigate military rocket base (nice for some portraits pictures I guess)
+ now we can decide:
++ Dúbravka (shorter route)
++ Karlova Ves (longer route)

+ go with bus to Bratislava

have a break in Bratislava

Return to Vienna from hl.st., either:
+ 17:43 or
+ 18:43 (next one is 20:43)

+ in Vienna at 18:48 or 19:48

Here is a map of the places (the connections are not the way we would go of course):

One more word (“the small print”): I know some people might already have an apointment in the evening or might want to be in Vienna early evening because they have to work the next day. But I don’t want to hurry on a Sunday or make no nice breaks in the sun etc. Sunday is for relaxation (of course also we want to do something for the body). That said of course it is possible to leave the group for example in Devin and go back to the train station or to Bratislava if you are on a tight schedule. I will support you as much as I can but you have to organize how to get out yourself. Just understand that I don’t want to make it into a stressfull experience for the whole group (and for me) just because of that. 🙂 That would be a pity! :-))

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