Hike to Hohe Wand

The weather forecast was good so we went to Hohe Wand. There is a totally awesome adventure track where we learned about this kind of landscape (“Vom Urknall nach Grünbach”). There are stations with signs and geological descriptions.

Participants: 9
Ticket used: Einfach-Raus-Ticket (35 Euro for up to 5 people)


  • Hohe Wand
  • Wilhelm-Eichert-Hütte / Große Kanzel with great view
  • Plackles
  • Rastkreuzsattel
  • Geländ with giant cave bear statue

Description of the hike (in German):

We started at the station “Grünbach am Schneeberg Schule”. There we went up and at this building we had to go past it there was a path in the forest. It was a hot day and I had to change my T-Shirt to another one because I knew it will go up to Hohe Wand soon and it will be steep.

Near Grünbach am Schneeberg Schule

The path is hard especially when it is hot and it was hot. But it is not very long and very rewarding when we reached the meadow on top (more rewarding than when you go up by car hehe). The view is breathtaking.

Schneeberg View
Wilhelm-Eichert-Hütte / Große Kanzel

This is the top spot for paraglideres so there were plenty.


It is a good way to go to Hohe Wand because there is a train station. At this place there is also a summit… well the Schneeberg in the background is nice.

Große Kanzel

We continued to Plackles which is the highest point but there is no view. We continued down in the direction of Rastkreuzsattel. Well there I made a mistake because I followed the road which went around some mountain to the right. But we should have left the road – there was a path leaving the road before that happens.

Well everyone was talking so nobody really noticed but it sucked that on the other side we had to go up again and then down again this made our hike longer and harder (it is already a hard hike especially when it is hot).

We arrived at Rastkreuzsattel. There it is going up again. I was already tired so I was slow. On the top of Geländ there is a very nice statue of a hunter and a bear!


Well we continued the hike to Grünbachsattel and returned. We decided not to return to the “Grünbach am Schneeberg Schule” station where we had started but instead enter the train earlier (“Grünbach am Schneeberg Kohlenwerk”). This is a great hike with lots of diversity. It is an opportunity to visit the Hohe Wand with public transport. This place is a top spot near Vienna and well worth the visit!

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