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There is nice weather on Sunday so I would like to do some hiking. Who likes to join? 🙂 I want to go to Hohe Wand. There is a totally awesome adventure track where you can learn about this kind of landscape. There are many highlights:
This hike takes about 5 1/4 hours (without breaks). It is not very hard but also not a walk in the park.

Meeting point: Wien Bahnhof Meidling (Meidling train station) at 10am
There is a place/space like info point/ticket machines/shop/ticket selling place
I will have a sign “Hohe Wand” (if I don’t forget) and carry a big red/black backpack

More information (please read to avoid misunderstandings!!!). I hope the following does not sound too complicated or harsh 🙂

1. Bring water and food for a picnic. Hiking shoes recommended. I would like to have a picnic at the viewpoint on Hohe Wand (meadown near Wilhelm-Eichert-Hütte). Later we can also go into some hut on “Gelände”. But this hiking should not cost you more than the travel cost if you don’t want to or can’t spend more.

2. We go with the train. We can use the Einfach-Raus-Ticket. This ticket is valid for the whole day for 2-5 people. It is 35 Euro. I want to split the cost equally among participants so if we are at least 7 people that would be max. 10 Euro per person (see Appendix). If one group is just 2 people the other groups will give them some money. If we are less than 7 people I might CANCEL the event. 🙂 BTW: With this ticket we can use only “local” trains which are a little bit slower 😉

3. The hike takes the whole day until the late evening. Using the Einfach-Raus-Ticket means we have to go with the train together and also return together. If we are less people than indicated (you have to buy the ticket for the exact amount of people and put one name on it, this sucks I know) we could be fined. So please if you have to return earlier this is not possible (we could try to find a solution but I think you get the point why this can be difficult).

4. Because of the kind of ticket we have to buy we meet at 10am at Meidling. There is a space with ticket selling machines, shops and ticket information/buying. If you are later it can be that we already have bought the tickets and you have to buy a single ticket (which is expensive)… I will send you my number … I know if you are new to this place it can happen that you are late.

5. 10 sounds like late. But it is not really because it is summer time. Remember in the night before the clocks are changed forward 1 hour so 10am is actually 9am. (don’t be late because of that please hehehe) I made it not earlier so you can for example also attend the Huge Bonfire meeting “Funkenfest” on Saturday (https://www.couchsurfing.org/n/events/huge-bonfire-vorarlberger-funken-vienna)

6. You can of course also come by car, bike or whatever means of transport but organize that yourself. I like the idea of travelling with the train because this makes this hiking trip very accessible and I believe in the idea of the more people the merrier. It has other benefits as well which might be more subjetive (like green travelling, more social, comfortable) but also some drawbacks. We have to catch at least the last train (at 7.47). I think this should not be stressfull, we can still have some breaks and enjoy the day (esp. if people understand that they will return late).

7. This is not like a guided tour where you pay a guide who has done the route several times (for me the route is also new and I don’t want your money). So please read the description of the route and how to get there and also take care of rest times etc. Print this description. I am happy to navigate the way but I can make mistakes…


1. Program

10am Meeting Point Wien Meidling Ticket-Machines/Shop/Information/Ticket Selling
10:35 Wien Meidling (Wien: Steig 1 – R 2323 10:35-11:16, Wr. Neustadt: 11:37-12:13 8A – R 6415)
12:13 Grünbach am Schneeberg Schule

… Hohe Wand
… Gelände

19:23 Sun-Down

17:47-19.22 (Grünbach: Steig 1 – R 6428 17:47-18:23, Wr. Neustadt 2A – R 2360 18:40-19:22)
18:47-20.22 (Grünbach: Steig 1 – R 6430 18:47-19:23, Wr. Neustadt 2A – R 2364 19:40-20:22)
19:47-21.22 (Grünbach: Steig 1 – R 6432 19:47-20:23, Wr. Neustadt 5A – R 2368 20:40-21:22)

2. Splitting the cost

Einfach Raus-Ticket (2-5 people): 35 Euro

2 people: 17,50 (35 Euro)
3: 11,67 (35 Euro)
4: 8,75 (35 Euro)
5: 7 (35 Euro)

6: 11,67 (70 Euro, 2 groups, one 2/other 4)
7: 10 (70 Euro, 2 groups, one 2/other 5)
8: 8,75 (70 Euro)
9: 7,78 (70 Euro)
10: 7 (70 Euro)

11: 9,55 (105 Euro, 3 groups, one 5/other 4/other 2) Pot: 12,73+3,20=15,95/2=7,975
12: 8,75 (105 Euro)
13: 8,08 (105 Euro)
14: 7,5 (105 Euro)
15: 7 (105 Euro)

16: 8,75 (140 Euro, 4 groups, two 5/other 4/other 2) Pot: 17,50
17: 8,24 (140 Euro)
18: 7,78 (140 Euro)
19: 7,37 (140 Euro)
20: 7 (140 Euro)

21: 8,33 (175 Euro, 5 groups, three 5/other 4/other 2)
22: 7,95 (175 Euro)
23: 7,61 (175 Euro)
24: 7,29 (175 Euro)
25: 7 (175 Euro)

One-Way: 13,00 Euro (from City-Border Liesing)
One-Way Vorteilscard: 6,50 Euro (from City-Border Liesing)

Picture by Michael Schmid http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Schmid

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