Hike to Wachau / Dunkelsteiner Wald

This time I did some hiking to Wachau including some culture sightseeing (Göttweig abbey). To a part of the Wachau that is not so well known, the Dunkelsteiner Wald (Darkstone Forest)…

Participants: 19
Ticket used: Einfach-Raus-Ticket (35 Euro for up to 5 people)


  • Dunkelsteiner Wald (mystical “Darkstone forest”)
  • Solider cemetary
  • 7-Marksteine (celtic cult place in the forest)
  • gigantic mammoth trees
  • nature path
  • Göttweig monastery
  • Highest apricot blossom garden of the Wachau

Description of the hike in German:
(I changed the last part, i.e. went to the abbey).

We started in Meidling Im Tale at the train station. There should be a path to Oberwölbing but I had to do some searching and finally we took some forest road but it was good… we arrived at some intersection I think going to that intersection there must be a better possibility but it worked…

Near Meidling im Tale

After going down again and going through some great wine yard area we arrived at Oberwölbing and visited the church (and the toilet there).

Memorial at Church

Now we continued into the forest. Before we visited a soldier cemetary.

Soldier Cemetary

We used the Kremsersteig and in the forest we arrived at another highlight, the 7-Marksteine (a mystical place with some stones). One of us had prepared a speech but she was not really convinced that this is a great place. Well it was also raining as you see that was the moment when we took out our rain coats 😉


After some time we arrived at some other great place. Some gigantic trees. There it was raining again but there was a small hut where we had our lunch break.

Mammoth trees

Going down I did not take the nature path but some road which was not perfect. Some people had come with the car they wanted to go back to the starting point so they left us and followed the road further (I think it was a pity because the monastery was a great place to visit).

We had met a group of people who where doing some part of a pilgrimage path. They told us that it is not too difficult to go up to the Predigstuhl mountain and then continue to the monastery. So we followed their advice which was good one. The Predigstuhl is an awesome viewpoint. I also made great pictures because it was overcast so very soft light.

Predigtstuhl (420m)

We continued to the monastery. It was really easy to go from Predigstuhl to the monastery.


The abbey is a great place. It is really beautiful inside and outside. This time it was also free i.e. no entrance fees because there was an easter market going on.

This was a great day and a good combination of hiking and sightseeing. We went down to Furth where we took the train. It was a little bit complicated because first we had to go in the other direction to change the train because it did not stop in Furth. Then again we could not change in Krems we had to go to Hadersdorf I think. There we changed again to the train to Vienna. Well it worked but was a little bit complicated… the day was very good even though it was raining and a different part of Wachau (without danube).

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