Hike to Wachau / Dunkelsteiner Wald

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I would like to do some hiking on Sunday to Wachau including some culture sightseeing. To a part of the Wachau that is not so well known… this one should be easier than the last hike to Hohe Wand. Highlights of this hike would include:

1. Dunkelsteiner Wald (mystical “Darkstone forest”)
2. Soldier cemetery
3. 7-Marksteine (celtic cult place in the forest)
4. gigantic mammoth trees
5. nature path
6. Göttweig abbey (museum, entrance fee)
7. highest apricot blossom garden of the Wachau (free of charge)

This time I would like to invite the participants to hold short speeches (just a few sentences) about these points of interest. It is first come first serve. Please post what you want to talk about. Note: This is not mandatory to join 🙂

Description of the hike in German:
(I would like to change the last part).

Meeting Point: 8.30am Spittelau train station near the ticket machines (the big place/room above U4 and below U6)

Google Map of the places (connections are not working, just the points):

More information (please read to avoid misunderstandings!!!). I hope the following does not sound too complicated or harsh 🙂

1. Bring water and food for a picnic. Hiking shoes recommended. I would like to have a picnic somewhere. In the end we can also go to some Heuriger if you want and if we find one. But this hiking should not cost you more than the travel cost if you don’t want to or can’t spend more.

2. We go with the train. We can use the Einfach-Raus-Ticket. This ticket is valid for the whole day for 2-5 people. It is 35 Euro. I want to split the cost equally among participants so if we are at least 7 people that would be max. 10 Euro per person. BTW: With this ticket we can use only “local” trains which are a little bit slower 😉

3. The hike takes the whole day, I cannot say when we will return, probably in the evening. Using the Einfach-Raus-Ticket means we have to go with the train together and also return together. If we are less people than indicated (you have to buy the ticket for the exact amount of people and put one name on it, this sucks I know) we could be fined. So please if you have to return earlier this is not possible (we could try to find a solution but I think you get the point why this can be difficult).

4. If you are late at the meeting point it can be that we already have bought the tickets and you have to buy a single ticket (which is expensive)… I will send you my number … I know if you are new to this place it can happen that you are late.

5. You can of course also come by car, bike or whatever means of transport but organize that yourself. I like the idea of travelling with the train because this makes this hiking trip very accessible and I believe in the idea of the more people the merrier. It has other benefits as well which might be more subjective but also some drawbacks of course. Note that the start point and end point of this hike is different.

6. This is not like a guided tour where you pay a guide who has done the route several times (for me the route is also new and I don’t want your money). So please read the description of the route and how to get there and also take care of rest times etc. Print this description. I am happy to navigate the way but I can make mistakes…

Appendix: program / train times

8.30am: Meeting at Wien Spittelau
8.54-9.54am: track 1 REX 7108 to Krems
10.01-10.15am: track 3B R 6040 to Meidling im Tal (direction St. Pölten)

Kremser Steig
Mammoth trees
Nature trail
Göttweig abbey
optional: Predigtstuhl (20 minutes from abbey)

17.49-19.04 (17.49-17.56 R 6063 until Krems, 18.02-19.04 Rex 7131 track 2A)
18.07-20.04 (18.07-18.12 R 6068 until Paudorf, 18.26-18.47 REX 6271 track 2 until Hadersdorf/Kamp, 19.10-20.04 REX 7133 track 3)
[1 hour stop in St. Pölten: 18.07-20.54 (18.07-18.46 R 6068 until St. Pölten, 19.45-20.54 R 2041 track 2DF)] 19.49-21.04 (19.52-19.56 R 6069 until Krems, 20.01-21.04 REX 7135 track 2A)
20.49-22.04 (20.54-20.58 R 6073 until Krems, 21.02-22.04 REX 7137 track 3A)

Picture (c) by http://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Arcomonte26&action=edit&redlink=1

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