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Hey, I want to do a hike to Höllental near Rax on Sunday. We could go with the Einfach-Raus-Ticket (which would mean that we have to stay together – it will take the whole day). This is a great area. I would like to go the Wasserleitungsweg through the valley from Hirschwang (there will be some additional costs for the bus from Payerbach to Hirschwang). The easy route (ca. 3 hours) would be to return the same way. The harder route that I would prefer would be to go up from Kaiserbrunn to Knofeleben/Friedrich Haller Haus and then back down through Eng to Payerbach train station (ca. 6,5 hours). Note: This is an alpine route! Not everybody needs to do the harder route. But we need to somehow meet again if we have a shared ticket – the harder route takes much longer… (but there are many ways to extend the route e.g. walk to Gloggnitz)

Meeting point: Wien Meidling 8.45 space with ticket information, shops and ticket vending machines (don’t come later – we need to buy the tickets together).

Please bring drinking, food for picnic and hiking shoes…
This is not a guided tour (This path is also new to me, so I cannot say exactly how long it takes) – join on your own risk (BTW about risk: I like to find tours that are not the usual ones – just if you are wondering – no risk no fun! but I hope they are not dangerous ;-).

Info about the Wasserleitungsweg:

Train times:

9.05-10.49 Wien Meidling to Hirschwang (9.05 Steig 1 – 10.33 Payerbach Reichenau, Bus 10.40-10.49)

Back from Payerbach to Wien Meidling
19.24-20.28 (schneller, 1x umsteigen Wr. Neustadt Gleis 3a 20.01)
20.24-21.52 (1x umsteigen Wr. Neustadt Gleis 2a 21.10)

For easier way back:

Optional Bus from Hirschwang to Payerbach

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