Free ice skating open day

In Vienna there are basically three opening events for doing free ice-skating: The WEV opening week, the open day of the Vienna Capitals and the opening evening of the ice skating rink on Rathausplatz. This time we went to the opening day of the Vienna Capitals (Albert-Schultz-Eishalle).


First we watched the training of the Vienna Capitals:

Training Vienna Capitals
Training Vienna Capitals

Next we were able to watch a Sledgehockey game and try it out ourselves. Sledgehockey is relatively new in Austria and a sport for disabled people. It can be very dangerous when to people collide (the sledge can slide into the body of another person). So in this game the players were careful because also some professional players from the Vienna capitals joined and they had a game on the next day 😉

Sledge Hockey
Trying out sledge hockey
Trying out Sledgehockey
Sledge Hockey equipment
Sledgehockey equipment

After the Sledgehockey there was an open ice skating at the other hall’s ice skating rink (the Albert-Schultz place has three separate indoor ice rinks). After the ice skating I made the mandatory selfie with the WEV mascot and joined the live concert of the band “Die 3” which played very good interpretations of typical Viennese pop songs and also the Austrian Hymn 😉 Very nice 🙂

WEV mascot
Die 3
Die 3

After the band finished there was a disco on the ice rink. Great party! I think I skated a lot of hours that day…

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