Hike + Sightseeing + Christmas in Sopron

This trip was a combination of hiking and sightseeing, i.e. hiking to the Sopron city hills first and then go to the christmas market in the city.

Sattelite Map
Sattelite Map

Length: 11.3 km
Max. Height: 481 m
Height difference: 345 m, -355m
Time: 4:04 h
Participants: 10
Ticket used: Einfach-Raus-Ticket (36 Euro for up to 5 people)
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  • Stairs to Sopronbánfalva Kolostor
  • Varhely look-out point/tower
  • (Károly look-out point/tower -> we did not make it there)
  • Sopron firetower (Tüztorony)
  • Christmas market
  • Goat church
  • Live music

We started with the train at 9.40am from Wien Meidling. Unfortunately there was no train on the weekend around 8am… so it was not possible to hike a lot because the sun would set at around 4pm… also I wanted to visit the Fire Tower (Tűztorony) in Sopron and this closed at 5pm…

Sopron Train Station
Sopron train station

This video was an inspiration for me for this trip:

I saw some kind of monastery stairs in this video which I liked a lot and after some research I identified them as the stairs to the “Sopronbánfalva Kolostor”.

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