Hike + Sightseeing + Christmas in Sopron

Part 1: Hiking Sopron city hills

We went there from Sopron train station with the bus to save time (10 or 10Y).

Hajnal tér

This place (Hajnal tér) was also a good starting point to go to the Varhely lookout point. Afterwards I had planned to go to the Károly lookout point.

Sopronbánfalva Kolostor
Sopronbánfalva Kolostor
Sopronbánfalva Kolostor

To go to the Varhely lookout point we should have gone right. But unfortunately I listened to some local person’s advice and went left first so we basically went away from our first target and more to Károly. The signs there are by far not as good as in Vienna and the paths are not well connected. Maybe because hiking in Hungary is not so important (lack of big mountains) 😉

The nice thing going left first was that we arrived at some other viewpoint (Gloriette) which I did not have on my list which was nice…


Then we went straight and finally found a path going to the right again towards Varhely.

Cyclamen nature trail

The path was more like a forest road… so when I saw some trail starting I was happy it looked much nicer and also there were flower symbols on the tree the local person has talked about.

But this path was also not the fastest connection to Varhely because it was very winding and we ended up having a valley between us and the viewpoint (which we could see…). 😉 You can see that very well on the GPS information above.

So when we finally arrived at the viewpoint it was already much later… the viewpoint is a very nice wooden tower which was moving in the strong wind. Also it was not straight, like the Pisa tower, very interesting 🙂 About the wind: It was not very cold for winter, no snow but there was a very cold wind especially on the lookout towers.


We went back the shorter route but the sun was already going down and again we ended up being in some kind of valley. So even though Károly did not seem far away (we could see it) we had to decide to go back to the bus station.

Szalamandra Lake
Szalamandra lake

This was kind of a pity because Károly is closer to the city and has a better view I guess… but Varhely was also very nice… we could see the big Neusiedler lake from the viewpoints and this was really impressive.

Neusiedler lake

So after waiting for the bus and visiting the nearby mini supermarket (which was open on Sunday) we went back to the city center passing by the train station. We left the bus ca. 2 stops after the train station stop.

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