Hike + Sightseeing + Christmas in Sopron

Part 2: Sightseeing in Sopron

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Sattelite Map
Sattelite Map
We walked to the city centre and arrived at the fire tower ca. 4pm. I was a little bit disappointed because there is not a real museum in the tower, just some pictures and paintings from Sopron and information about tower. I was hoping to see some information about the vote when Sopron decided to go to Hungary and not to Austria (I have heard that the vote has been manipulated).

But the tower has a nice view on the main square and the city hills where we have been. It was a very good atmosphere with the music on the christmas market. The guy at the tower told me that the view is even better in daylight (it was already dark), because one could see the Schneeberg in Austria (the highest mountain near Vienna, >2000m). Also he told me that long ago the tower was really used to warn when they saw a fire somewhere… but more recently it was used to control the border between Austria and Hungary 😉

On the Fire Tower
On the fire tower
Sopron Main Square
Sopron main square
Fire Tower
Fire tower

After visiting the tower we went to the christmas market. Food is much cheaper in Sopron than in Vienna, it is just a pity that they don’t have the Euro. But we could actually have payed with Euro on the market (not in the bus I think)…

Christmas market
Christmas Market
Christmas market

It was a very nice market and we also visited the goat church on the main square which is gorgeous inside. There was nice music playing on the stage and we did some dancing (the brass band was playing “Dreaming of a white christmas”). Some of us went to the Café in the tower.

Goat church
Goat church

This was the program on the stage:

  • 16.00 Dudora Band (Programm für Kinder – Konzert)
  • 17.00 Petőfi Sándor Grundschule und Grundschule für Kunst – Weihnachtsvolkslieder
  • 17.30 Festival Brass Band
  • 18.00 Kerzen Beleuchtung – Beleuchtung der vierten Kerze: Ökumenische Feier, festlichen Gedanken von: Dr. Tamás Fodor, Bürgermeister von Sopron und Barna Máté (Dominikanischer Pfarrer), Károly Tóth (Evangelischer Pfarrer), Julianna Filotaás (kalvinistischer Pfarrer). Mitwirkenden: Sopron Stadt Blass Band
  • 19.00 Daniel Speer Brass – Swing-Weihnachten -> here we had to leave

Unfortunately we had to leave before the last band because the direct train was leaving soon and we hardly made it anyways. The next trains (which was going over Wr. Neustadt were we would have had to change) were going 2 hours later…

Christmas Market
Christmas market

It was a really nice day with nice people, also not too extreme hiking this time… (even thought I did not want to give up the idea going to Károly for a long time… but I will come back to finish this 🙂

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