Hike + Sightseeing + Christmas in Sopron

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Franz and me go to Sopron the Christmas Market in Sopron on Sunday… (actually we are 5-6 people now) Last chance 😉 Train leaves at 9.40 from Wien Meidling. Who is in? I will send you my number… please if you register also come… (put your alarm clock)
Meeting point is 9.20 latest in room with ticket vending machines, shops and info point. Disclaimer: Going back in the late evening. Bring passport!
Einfach-Raus-Ticket is 36 Euro for up to 5 people (for the whole day). Vorteils-Card Ticket 7,70 Euro One-Way. Disclaimer: Einfach-Raus-Ticket means, that we have to stay together the whole day more or less (see program).
Change Money
Bus to Várhely ut
Monastery stairs
Hike Varhely and Károly (moderate speed, I stop for pictures)
Bus to center
(no lunch break, eating at Christmas Market)
visit Fire Tower
Christmas Market:
16.00 Dudora Band (Programm für Kinder – Konzert)
17.00 Petőfi Sándor Grundschule und Grundschule für Kunst – Weihnachtsvolkslieder
17.30 Festival Brass Band
18.00 Kerzen Beleuchtung – Beleuchtung der vierten Kerze: Ökumenische Feier, festlichen Gedanken von: Dr. Tamás Fodor, Bürgermeister von Sopron und Barna Máté (Dominikanischer Pfarrer), Károly Tóth (Evangelischer Pfarrer), Julianna Filotaás (kalvinistischer Pfarrer). Mitwirkenden: Sopron Stadt Blass Band
19.00 Daniel Speer Brass – Swing-Weihnachten
Rückfahrt: 20.46 21.46 22.46 (über Wr. Neustadt)

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