Snowhike Cobenzl

I organized a snow hike starting at Cobenzl. We met in Heiligenstadt and then took the bus 38Ato Cobenzl. From there we went to Hermannskogel, Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg. It was a sunny day.

Participants: 8
Length: 11km
Max. height: 548m
Ticket used: Vienna city ticket

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  • Snow Hike
  • Icy trail
  • Snow Frisbee
  • Highest peak in the area Hermannskogel 548m
  • Habsburgwarte
  • Snowman contest
  • Snowball fight
  • Restaurant at Jägerwiese
  • View from Vogelsangberg
  • Stefaniewarte
  • View from Kahlenberg
  • View from Leopoldsberg

Route Snow Hike


In the morning there were some clouds. Also the path was icy where the snow has been melting and was frozen again during the night. Most people had some crampons for their shoes, but I did not have so I had to be very careful.

Icy path from Kreuzeiche

We first followed the path to the right of Latisberg and continued to Kreuzeiche. From there we took the blue path to Jägerwiese. There we checked the menue because we wanted to eat there later. On the meadow we played some frisbee in the snow! It was lots of fun but I broke my frisbee. Well it was broken already before so it is good to retire it anyways 😉

Video (c) Patricia Martins:

Frisbee @ Jägerwiese

We continued to Hermannskogel, the highest peak of the area. We took some steep path it was a little bit of adventure but luckily no ice there.

Path to Hermannskogel

Hermannskogel Jump

On Hermannskogel there is a tower but it was closed in winter.


It was little bit windy so after a group picture we went down on an easier trail. It was on the shadowy side but soon we arrived again at the Jägerwiese.

At the restaurant we met a group of Bergfieber. I liked the restaurant a lot the service was very fast and the food was good. Also the restaurant is 100% non-smoking. So highly recommended place.


After having lunch we made a snowman contest and a snowball fight on the meadow. The snow was not wet enough so it did not stick together well but we managed to build a small snowman together 🙂

Snowman contest

Then we continued on our way towards Kahlenberg. We passed by Vogelsangberg. There is a great view to the backcountry.

View from Vogelsangberg

We arrived at the busstop at Sulzwiese and continued to Kahlenberg.

TV Tower and Stefaniewarte @Kahlenberg

Group picture @Kahlenberg

From there we went to Leopoldsberg. The path down (Nasenweg) seemed to be with some ice so we returned to Kahlenberg and took the bus there.


It was not a difficult hike but with the snow it was special and a little adventure. We had lots of sun and it was a great hike!

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Snow hike from Cobenzl to Hermannskogel, Kahlenberg, Weidling. Let’s enjoy the sun!

Meeting point: 38A bus station @Heiligenstadt

+ Snowman comp 
+ Snow Frisbee 
+ Snowball Fight

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