Hike from Wolfsthal to Hainburg

A hike from Wolfsthal to Hainburg. I had the idea because a friend did go from Wolfsthal to Hainburg but went along the danube. I saw that it is also possible to go through the forest but this was quite an adventure…

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Length: 18.36km (4:27h moving)
Height: 346m (+746m / -771m)
Participants: 14
Ticket used: Einfach-Raus-Ticket (+1 Single Ticket for return to stay longer at restaurant)
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  • Pottenburg ruin
  • Königswarte viewpoint (View to Bratislava)
  • Meeting hunters and baroness in the forest
  • Wild boar
  • Schlossberg Hainburg


We startet our hike from the train station in Wolfsthal. One girl from Bratislava was joining but she had a problem with the bus so she needed to hitchhike from Hainburg 😉 While we waited for her we visited the church and had a nice talk to some locals. They told us more details about the route (that it is long i.e. 4 hours) and that there are some hunters in the forest so we should better be careful and stay on the path… they are the owners of the castle in Wolfsthal and also owners of the forest.

We went along the road and then continued in the forest. We already had a nice view to Bratislava which is really close.


Soon we arrived at a fence. The forest is some kind of hunting ground and has lots of animals especially wild boars. There was ladder to cross the fence and a sign not to go into the forest in the evening/night.


We went on uphill and took a steep path to go to the Pottenburg ruin which we already saw.


The forest with the ruin had a really nice atmosphere. We had a break there.



Then we continued to the Königswarte. From there we could see to Bratislava and also to Hainburg where we wanted to go. This seemed far away so we knew that we still had some way to go…




I knew that it wont be a problem but did not know about the path in the forest. I had prepared some GPS data but knew that is some kind of hunting ground. Also I was a little bit nervous because the town folks had told us that the hunters are in the forest…

At the Viewpoint there is also some surveillance station with a fence around maybe owned by the NSA or something 😉

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Well we went on but I did not want to go too far because I wanted to go through the forest and not to the other side to Edelsthal.


So soon we turned right and there was another ladder to climb over a fence. Now we were in the real hunting area but there was just the sign we had seen before. Also the Austrian law says that it is ok to enter a forest for relaxation even if it is a private forest. Good that there is a law like this!



There where like muddy roads used by the cars of the hunters I guess 😉 We arrived at Rohrwiese and I followed my GPS signal. The path was getting worse but I also did not want to go to a hunting hut that I saw to avoid confrontation with the hunters.


But soon we saw the hunters in the forest. They had a fire and their cars in the middle of the forest and drank some beer on some benches. A woman waved me to come. She seemed very educated and I said I don’t want problems and she said she also don’t want. She just asked us to stay on the main roads because there are young animals in the forest. And she asked one of the huntersmen to show me which path I should take on my GPS. Well it was not exactly the way I had planned but to avoid any problems I took the path that they told me to use. (Later I learned in a restaurant in Hainburg that she was the baroness 😉 )


We went further and then even saw a wild boar. There was a sign that it is forbidden to go on. When we heard a gun shot in the distance we were happy to come to the edge of the hunting area and to finally climb over another ladder to leave for good 😉





We took some forest roads but this took us some time so when we finally arrived at Kramerkappelle we decided not to go to Hundsheimer Berg but instead just go to Schlossberg (castle hill) in Hainburg. We were already a little bit tired.


The castle hill was very nice with a great view to Hainburg and the danube. We also saw Braunsberg.


Neues Panorama 6

Neues Panorama 7


In Hainburg we visit the Martin Luther church which we already saw from the castle hill.


Somehow we managed to seperate our Einfach-Raus-Ticket so some people stayed in Hainburg at a nice restaurant, the others went home. This was a little bit dangerous because normally the number of people on the tickets needs to be the same as the people travelling, not less (a fine is possible in this case), but there was no problem with that. It was a very interesting hike with lots of diversity. There are many other possiblities in this area so I am sure I will return maybe also to finish the Hundsheimer Berg.




Original posting on couchsurfing.org:

Hike from Wolfsthal to Hainburg on Sunday. Weather forecast is warm weather but rain showers are possible towards the evening. Had to cancel it last time but this time weather forecast is better. Who is in?

Meeting point: 8:00 Landstraße ticket machines in front of mall (ground floor, almost outside). Don’t come later because we need to buy Einfach-Raus-Ticket and train leaves at 8.15. We buy the ticket at 8.

(If you have to be in Vienna earlier it is possible for you to return to Wolsthal but then buy your own ticket and check the train times thank you – also if you want to come with car you can return to Wolfsthal)

Attached you find a map of the route (rough draft). In the middle it is not a marked path so we have to find the way ourselves. That is also why hiking shoes are recommended (might have to go off path). Bring some food for lunch because there is probably no restaurant along the route. Note: I never did this hike…

+ Wild boars
+ Pottenburg ruin
+ Königswarte (viewpoint): great view to Bratislava (will invite people from Bratislava too)
+ Trockenrasen
+ Fliegerdenkmal
+ Hundsheimer Berg
+ Hainburg Schlossberg: Danube view
+ Martin Luther Kirche Hainburg

It is possible to just make a small round back to Wolfsthal ~10km if you are on a tight schedule (or want to come with your car), but then buy your own ticket. We can go with a Einfach-Raus-Ticket but then we have to stay together (36 Euro for up to 5 people for the whole day).

Train from Vienna (S7):
8.15 Landstraße
9.31 Wolfsthal

Trains from Hainburg (S7):

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