Hike from Baden to Heiligenkreuz/Mayerling

I organized a hike from Baden to Heiligenkreuz and Alland. Heiligenkreuz abbey was really impressive. It was not a difficult hike and had lots of highlights.

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Length: 15,66 km
Height difference: +752m / -674m
Participants: 10
Ticket used: Ticket Vienna City Border to Baden, Bus-Ticket 3 Zones from Mayerling (also valid for train from Mödling to Vienna)

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Here is a description of the hike:

We went with the train to Baden. The plan was to go to Heiligenkreuz, visit the abbey there and continue to Alland. Because the bus does not go to often we decided spontanously to end the hike in Mayerling because the bus was to be coming there… so we did not make the full tour but it was just a few kilometers that we did not make.

From the train station we went along the river through the Kurpark to the outdoor swimming place where our route started.

We went under the Viaduct into the Helenental. I noticed again how similar Baden is to Mödling (and to Liesing). Mödling also has a viaduct and a similar valley. Well we went on the left side of the river.

Soon our route turned to the right and we had to go up in the direction of Siegenfeld. We had a nice view over the Helenental.

We continued to Siegenfeld where we had a short lunch break. It was not too warm so we did not stay long.

We went on and arrived at Heiligenkreuz.

There was no tour at noon but later so we ate something in the restaurant. It was very nice there so it was a pity that we could order just small things so that we do not miss the abbey tour.

The abbey tour was great!

After a picture at the abbey entrance we went on. We soon realized that we will not make it to Alland for the next bus… but all of us wanted to continue and not to wait in Heiligenkreuz for the bus.

When we came to Mayerling we realized that the bus would also pass through this town so we hurried up to go to the bus stop. Alland was ca. 3 km more far away but the last bit was not so interesting and we were happy not to have to wait. Mayerling also has a nice church but we had no time to visit it.

It was a great shared experience this day and I especially thank everybody for making the best out of the day.

Here is the original post from couchsurfing.org:

Hey let’s do a hike from Baden to Heiligenkreuz and Alland on Sunday. Who is in?


Total cost: 10,30 Euro We can get a group discount (http://www.oebb.at/de/Tickets/Gruppenticket/Gruppenreisen/index.jsp) if we buy a group ticket so I suggest a meeting point at many ticket machines at Hauptbahnhof main hall at 08:40.

Note: We also have to go to the track 1 where the train leaves so 8:40 would be the time we buy the tickets and leave for the track. Be there if you want to participate in the group ticket (esp. if you don’t have an ÖBB Vorteilscard).

Hinfahrt: 3,70 Euro 8.56 Wien Hauptbahnhof (R 2319) 9.23 Wien Baden

Rückfahrt: 6,60 Euro I think it is possible to make it for the bus at 16.19 even if we make some breaks… it is possible to have a guided tour at Heiligenkreuz but I think it could be expensive… The bus also passes through Heiligenkreuz so we are kind of flexible…

16.19-17.11 Bus 365 Alland-Mödling, 17.23-17.33 S1 Mödling-Liesing

18.24-19.00 Bus 552 Alland-Wien Hbf

18.33-19.11 Bus 365 Alland-Mödling, 19.23-19.31 S1 Mödling-Liesing

20.33-21.31 Bus 365 Alland-Mödling, 21.23-21.31 S1 Mödling-Liesing

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