Canoe trip in Stockerau

This was the best trip of 2014 for all participants I think and something to remember. We went canoeing in the Stockerauer Auen (wetlands). It was a big adventure and also from my side I took a risk to do this with so many people but the people were very trustful and also cleaned the boats afterwards as I told them… 🙂 This is one of the best things you can do I think… Continue reading “Canoe trip in Stockerau”

Hike to Hoher Lindkogel (Baden)

Well this was an idea for an extreme tour from Bad Vöslau to Baden over a mountain top (Hoher Lindkogel) and we actually made it! We even visited a ruin and some went to the Therme Baden (Spa). I guess some people decided after the tour not to join anymore even thought they enjoyed it a lot hahaha 😉 There were many opportunities to make it shorter but we all stayed together until the end (power of group dynamics I guess). Continue reading “Hike to Hoher Lindkogel (Baden)”