Commuting to work ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿ’ผ with my Fiido D4s Foldable E-Bike ๐Ÿšฒ

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Today I want to show you how I commute to work using my foldable e-bike.  Actually it was my first day at work so I was a little bit unsure if it will pan out. Esp. if my new boss would accept that I bring my e-bike and put it into the office. Because I had already done some location scouting beforehand I already knewโ€ฆ

  1. that there is a bike stand in front of the office,
  2. that the janitor would not allow me to bring it inside (to put it into a storage room etc.) and
  3. how long it will take me to get to the office.

I definitely did not want to leave my expensive e-bike outside for the whole day so I planned to bring it into the office.

I also did not want to ask my boss because I knew he might not accept things he does not understand. Sometimes it is better not to ask.



My Setup for Commuting

I use a foldable e-bike, the Fiido D4s. I had an extra battery just in case I run out of energy. Esp. when I have to be on time in the morning this would be unfortunate.

I had two Ortlieb Front Roller bags for my lowrider to bring office stuff, food, water etc.

Why didnโ€™t I use a rear rack?


  1. I hit the rear panniers with my heels (on a small bike)
  2. the lowrider is more lightweight
  3. it is easier to take something out when stopping (no need to step down from bike)
  4. and the bike is more compact folded

My Transport Bag

Then I also had a 26 inch transport bag. There I wanted to later put the bike to take it to the office.

My route

Here you can see my route:

It is nice because most of it is without traffic lights so I can go very fast. And it is on an island which is scenic (Donauinsel). It just took me 30 minutes, much faster than with public transport.

About my workplace

Here you can see where I work:

I was already very close when I took this picture.

Folding the bike

Bofore folding the bike I removed the smartphone holder and the bike mirror. I didnโ€™t want to damage anything when I put the bike into the transport bag thatโ€™s why.

When I have time I remove the smartphone holder and the mirror

Then I folded the bike before entering the building.

Bike already folded inside

It fits easily into the bag because it is a 20 inch bike and the bag is for 26 inch foldable bikes.

How it went

After my first day at work I can say I was pleasantly surprised. Nobody noticed that I had a bike with me (because it was inside the bag). Here you can see a picture:

Bike in the office

As you can see I actually could have even charged my bike but this I did not dare.

It was good not to leave it outside even though I have a bike alarm and a good lock.

Place outside for the bike โ€“ not secure

Also because it was supposed to be raining and this is not so good for the electronics.

It could rain in the afternoon


It was a very good experience so I plan to continue commuting to work using my e-bike. Only if the weather is very bad, I will take the bike with me on the train. It is foldable anyways.

In front of the train station

I hope this was interesting for youโ€ฆ if you have any question (for example about my commuting setup or my bike) please donโ€™t hesitate to ask in the comments. CU next time & happy commuting!

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4 responses to “Commuting to work ๐Ÿง‘โ€๐Ÿ’ผ with my Fiido D4s Foldable E-Bike ๐Ÿšฒ”

  1. Robert Avatar

    do you use a u-lock, if so where do you place it?
    I have one and I’m still contemplating where to best place it in the d4s.

    1. schwimmlehrer Avatar

      I have yet to find a good place… the frame of the D4s is not so big. Did you find a solutino?

    2. Frank Avatar

      I have mine not folded as possibly can. Wirings can deteriorate over time. I opened the battery compartment & it is 10s4p – using 3.6v@3amp per cell, multiplied by 10(series) thats 36v total. With 4 sets of 36Vs @ 3amp each set = 12ah but battery pack specifies 10ah, charging @ 42vdc. I’ll have a 36-to-12v converter to power up my bt speakers & additional lights (I go home already dark). I don’t use earphone because it is a safety hazard.
      I always use pedal assist since I used mtb to work @ 4 kms. I’m already retired @ 60 and found another job @ 10kms hence the D4s. Happy commuting to all, stay healthy.

      1. schwimmlehrer Avatar

        thanks Robert this is very interesting! good job!

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