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I bought a SinoTrack GPS Tracker to secure my e-bike against theft (in addition I also have installed a bike alarm). The advantage of this device is a lifetime free access to the SinoTrack website, i.e. I just have to pay the SIM card that I have to install. Please continue to see my setup and what I think about this neat little device…


So I have chosen the SinoTrack ST-901:

I connect it to the battery like the alarm. But it also has an internal battery, if the thieve has the smart idea to cut the power of the bike.


The big advantage of this tracker is that there is a free website ( and there is no monthly fee. You can log in using the device-id (Password: 123456).

You can also send a message to the support, if you want to use multiple devices and they will make an account for you. You might have to send the id of your tracker to be able to add it (they have to delete it, because it is already registered):

If you don’t want to send your coordinates to China, you can also install your own server: (or choose another non-Chines server)

SIM Card

So that the device can send your coordinates to the server (and you can control it using your phone via SMS), you need to buy a local SIM card:

The tracker requires a mini SIM:

I bought the 2G version. There is a 3G version as well, but I think 3G will be turned off sooner (because people will still use services like SMS etc. in the future).

My provider has the following options:

  1. no monthly fees (3,9 ct per SMS, 0,9 ct per MB)
  2. smart Control for 30 days (3,9 ct per SMS, 500 MB LTE for 1,90 Euro for 30 days)
  3. smart Control for 365 days (3,9 ct per SMS, 10.000 MB per year for 19,90 Euro)

For testing Option 1 is ok. But I have to consider that I will have to send SMS from time to time, for example to configure the tracker.

If I want to use a tracking server I probaply will choose Option 2, esp. if I don’t need to track every month (because I can change my contract every month). Option 3 it is good if I want to use the tracker continuously for a whole year…


To configure the tracker there is an SMS interface. (But there are also some third party apps in the PlayStore, if you don’t want to enter the commands by hand…)

I entered the SMS mode and set the timezone. Then I requested my position (Password is 0000 by default).

Next I published my phone number to the tracker and set the APN for the GPRS connection (for you it will most likely not be called webaut).

I set the server ( Port 8090 worked for

I changed to GPRS mode. This is necessary if you want to send the coordinates to the server (i.e. not do everything using the SMS interface)

I set a vibration alarm. The sensor of the ST-901 is more simple, but I have my other bike alarm as a main alarm anyways!


Considering the cheap price and the lifetime free server access I think this device is hard to beat.

Of course you have to connect the device to the battery yourself… and some functions have maybe some rough edges.

I also have to research what will happen if the thieve escapes to a foreign country, i.e. will the Smart Control tariff also work with Roaming? 😉

I will also link to some devices which are better, i.e. easier to install below, of course they will be more expensive. Maybe the future belongs to the Apple AirTags anyways, I will maybe place some (or a Galaxy SmartTag+) for additional safety. Disadvantage of the AirTag/SmartTag is that the thieve can quickly find out, that he is tracked (because of the Anti-Stalking-Function he can find AirTags/SmartTags that are near).

Click here to read my full review of the Samsung SmartTag Plus (vs. the Apple AirTag).

As a first GPS tracker and for experimenting the SinoTrack ST-901 is perfect for me, I can learn a lot and learn to understand how these trackers work!

SinoTrack ST-901 GPS Tracker 2G (Amazon) Tracki 2021 Apple AirTags Galaxy SmartTag+

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11 responses to “SinoTrack ST-901 GPS Tracker 🛰️ Setup & Review”

  1. Juan Avatar

    Buenos días, tengo un dispositivo sinotrack st-901 con ID de 10 dígitos, mi pregunta es si es necesario registrarlo en mi país, en caso de ser necesario registrarlo en mi país como puedo cambiar el id a 15 dígitos ya que en mi país la cantidad de dígitos es 15.

  2. Sorin Avatar

    sinotrack st-901 how do i give it factory reset?

  3. Maxi Avatar

    Tengo un ST 901, en la linea de seguimiento parte del recorrido lo hace en línea verde y otra en azul, a.que se debe esto?

  4. Modern Radio Service Avatar

    Sinotrack Looking method what 901 model

  5. Modern Radio Service Avatar

    Good 👍 GPS sinotrack st-901 I love ❤️

  6. Amancio Avatar

    I have four st901 but i can’t put them in the same user

  7. Seme Yongule Avatar
    Seme Yongule

    it’s a nice device with complete priemeters that provide valid fleet and monitoring solution.

  8. Benoit Auclair Avatar
    Benoit Auclair

    Hi there, I was wondering how have you enabled data roaming on the device? Mine doesn’t track anymore when I leave Germany even though my sim card does allow data roaming.
    Thanks for any tip!

    1. schwimmlehrer Avatar

      I don’t use the SinoTrack right now so I cannot help with this, sorry.

  9. Security Camera Systems Australia Avatar

    Fantastic resources Like an alarm clock, I plug it into the battery. However, it also features an internal battery in case the thief decides to disable the bike’s electrical system. If you’d want to use a number of different gadgets with a single account, just shoot off a note to customer service. In order to add a tracker, you may need to submit its id. In order for the gadget to transmit your location data to the server. Keep writing, I really enjoy reading your posts. If possible visit this website to gain more idea or tips on the same.

    1. schwimmlehrer Avatar


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