Moman MA6 Lav Mic 🎀 Review Tutorial (with Phone πŸ“± Camera πŸ“· GoPro 🀳 Audio Recorder πŸ“» Laptop πŸ’»)

Today I am testing the Moman MA6 Lavalier Microphone. Moman sent it to me for review. What’s special about this microphone? First of all it can automatically detect which device is connected. This is pratical for me because I want to pair it both with my smartphone and my camera. Then it has a 6m long cable, so I can still have high quality audio when I am further away from the camera. Please read on to see the results of my review!

How to use a Monopod – Moman M65 Review Tutorial

Today I am testing a monopod, the Moman M65. I always wanted to have a monopod to support the weight of my heavy gimbal setup and also to have a more stable footage for example when hiking. I already have a 3-legged-tripod but with a monopod I think I am much quicker and more flexible when I am doing run-and-gun filming, for example when I am travelling with a group of people. So I was very happy that Moman sent it to me for review. Please read on to see if it can help me and you in making better pictures and videos.

10 kreative 🎨 Setups mit dem drahtlosen Funkmikrofon 🎀 (Moman C2, Rode Wireless Go, Synco A1, Saramonic Blink, etc.)

Vor kurzem habe ich das drahtlose Funkmikrofon von Moman, das Moman C2 getestet und mit dem Rode Wireless Go verglichen. Heute will ich euch meine 10 besten Setups zeigen. Ihr kΓΆnnt natΓΌrlich irgendein Funkmikrofon nehmen, ich werde das Moman C2 verwenden. Ihr kΓΆnnt also genauso gut das Rode Wireless Go einsetzen. Los geht’s!

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10 creative 🎨 ways to use a Wireless Microphone 🎀 (Moman C2, Rode Wireless Go, Synco A1, Saramonic Blink, etc.)

I recently tested the Moman C2 wireless microphone and compared it to the Rode Wireless Go. Using a wireless microphone has been a real game changer for me. Today I want to show you my 10 best setups. You can use any wireless microphone of course, I will use the Moman C2 but you can also use the Rode Wireless Go for example. Let’s go!

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Fiido D4S Foldable E-Bike🚲 (Brompton E-Bike Alternative) Review (with the Burley Travoy Bicycle Trailer)

Today I have something very special for testing, the foldable E-Bike Fiido D4S from China. I always wanted to buy an E-Bike, but what held me back was the high price. The D4S costs a mere 600 Euros. Let’s see if this bike is any good!