Gibraltar Travel Guide – Beware of the monkey!

Our trip to Gibraltar was really a memorable one. What you can do there: Hiking on the impressive rock with a view to Morocco, study the interesting history of this English enclave, do duty free shopping and see (not feed) the monkeys. Maybe things will change when England leaves the EU because of the Brexit. In this guide I want to give you tips about accommodation, food and what to see. Please read on. Continue reading “Gibraltar Travel Guide – Beware of the monkey!”

Trenčín Travel Guide – Pearl of Povazie and Slovakia

Today I want to write about our visit of the Slovak city of Trenčín. Maybe this is helpful for you if you plan to visit this area. Trenčín is a city that is alongside the train track from Bratislava to the high Tatras. The castle above the city is very nice. But I think the real star is the old town square below it. Therefore the title “Pearl of Povazie” is well deserved. Please read on learn how to get there. Continue reading “Trenčín Travel Guide – Pearl of Povazie and Slovakia”

Bojnice travel guide – most beautiful castle in Slovakia

Slovakia has some of the most beautiful places in the world and being off the beaten path it is a very budget-friendly location at the same time. In this free travel guide I give you tips on how to visit Slovakia’s most beautiful castle in Bojnice. It looks like right out of a Disney movie. Read on to learn how to get there!
Continue reading “Bojnice travel guide – most beautiful castle in Slovakia”

Trip to Greece: Athens

For our trip to Greece we wanted to do a mix of sightseeing in the city, hiking in nature and visiting islands for swimming. We are happy that we were able to do almost everything that we have planned. This is especially true because of a strike in Athens and of the ferry boats on our last day. We were really lucky. Read on to learn about our itinerary and experiences in Greece. Continue reading “Trip to Greece: Athens”